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About YETI 

What are we?

We are a naturally evolved committee of Ecologists that organise a conference that bring students, professors and mentors together to discuss the latest studies and findings on ecology, environmental science and animal behaviour.


The annual conference format has poster presentation, oral presentations, lectures and panel discussions besides some experimental formats that we try out every year. 

Who is we?

Student volunteers, and professors help organise this for anyone doing science in ecology, evolutionary conservation and behavioural science. 

This is a completely by student and for student committee which is overseen by its alumni members so that the information learned through these events may be passed on from one generation of students to the next. 

Vision, Mission & In-between 

To serve as a friendly and inspiring platform for ecologists to present and discuss their work, exchange ideas and even strike up prosperous collaborations.


To discuss and explore new projects, provide or obtain information on ecological pursuits. 

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